Predicting what’s next in the dynamically changing supply chain world requires a Transportation Management System that provides better than 20/20 vision.

It’s commonly understood that 20/20 eyesight equates to “normal” vision. But in the supply chain business, “normal” won’t do for companies seeking a competitive edge. In 2021 and beyond, you need to see the whole picture, with more clarity and range, to stay ahead of the curve and remain proactive. So, take our vision test. As you consider recent events, from the pandemic to the Suez Canal blockage to the Colonial Pipeline hack, will your current Transportation Management System (TMS) give you the vision and foresight to avert future disruptions?

Can you see the advantages?


Trouble Seeing Clearly?

If you struggled to see our vision charts, here’s the same information in a clearer format.

2020 Vision
Standard Legacy TMS
2021 Vision Intelligent
Blue Yonder TMS
Performs track and trace using static, map-based visibility into product movements. Integrates data right into Blue Yonder for real-time updates and predictive info.
Integrates carrier EDIs, XMLs and flat
files that only serve as lagging indicators.
Features smart technology from providers like Fourkites, Project 44 and TransVoyant.
Lacks timeliness in transmission. Includes visibility solution with rapid deployment and scalable processes.
Dashboards must be manually created
in order to aggregate results.
Offers Blue Yonder Connect for APIs and custom workflows.
Supplementary alerts and reports end
up in junk email folder.
Uses AI and ML to provide insights with Blue Yonder Luminate Control Tower.

The Bottom Line

A modern, intelligent TMS such as Blue Yonder will enable the proactive mitigation strategies you need to operate efficiently while remaining agile and ready to make the best move in any crisis. Gain the supply chain vision and visibility necessary to produce calculable ROI for your organization.

Contact Open Sky Group and discover what it takes to clear your vision and unlock added value in your current TMS.