Blue Yonder Partner Advantage

Our main supply chain partner is Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software). We are a Gold implementation partner and reseller in Blue Yonder’s Partner Advantage program. This comes with many advantages for our customers and also means we are authorized to resell licenses for the Blue Yonder Warehouse, Workforce, Labor and Transportation Management solutions. Some of these products are formerly known as RedPrairie software.

Our other supply chain partners shown below provide solutions that we know our clients might need. Whether that’s to fill a gap, offer some flexibility or meet a specific situation, we work together with our supply chain partners to make sure our clients get the best possible solution and results. From parcel to slotting to demand planning and bills of lading, our supply chain partners help our clients reach new heights of supply chain efficiency.

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  • UST Global
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Let’s Join Forces.

It can be tough to stay on top of everything in the supply chain marketplace. We work to understand what products and services are out there that offer a benefit to our clients. If you think your company has something that can augment Open Sky Group’s current offerings, we’d like to talk with you.

Tell us about your company.

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