Choose Open Sky Group for JDA RedPrairie Training & Support

JDA RedPrairie Training

Have an existing JDA RedPrairie system and want to learn how to better use it? Open Sky Group offers customized JDA RedPrairie Training, specific to your version of Warehouse or Labor Management software. We’ve been working on JDA RedPrairie systems for more than a decade and we’re an early adopter of the newest versions of JDA RedPrairie. This means we are likely to have deep experience with the version you’re currently using.

Because we design the training to fit your system and operations, we’ll first work with you to understand your needs and from there we can provide you a budgetary estimate. Contact Open Sky Group today to learn more.

JDA RedPrairie Managed Support Services

Open Sky Group provides managed support services for JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Management Systems; support that is supplemental to JDA Support. We work with you and JDA to make sure your needs are met to your satisfaction.

Open Sky Group’s managed support services for JDA RedPrairie WMS are driven by responsive and experienced analysts who are there to help you get the most from your support dollars. We strive to resolve issues quickly and ultimately have your system experience less downtime by fixing the root cause of issues, not just the immediate challenges at hand.

The Advantages of using Open Sky Group

With our team, you’ll experience responsive and effective JDA RedPrairie Support:

  • Visibility – Our issue tracking system allows clients to see what we are doing and how we’ve resolved an incident.
  • Experience – Our support analysts have worked on many systems and chances are good that we’ve seen the issue before.
  • Rapid resolution – Our typical resolution times are less than two hours.*
  • Reduced downtime – System down? We help clients get back up and running quickly – this has a direct impact on your bottom line.
  • Knowledge – Finding the problem doesn’t help much if you can’t fix it. We can help you resolve issues quickly and keep your operations running with less interruption.
  • Flexibility – Our clients have always praised us on our flexibility.  Further, we understand that a “one size fits all approach” for this service would not be appropriate. We have created three levels of service offerings to choose from (Gold, Silver, Platinum).
  • Availability – There are no “off-hours;” our Support desk is fully staffed and ready to engage in resolution issues for our Gold and Platinum level members around the clock. For our Silver members, we work with each client individually to determine the best coverage.

*Service Level Agreements are defined on a per-contract basis for each client and are dependent on a number of factors – our acknowledgment of an issue once an incident is reported is within minutes for every Open Sky Group client.

Choose Open Sky Group as your support partner for JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Management software. Contact us today to get started.


Not sure yet if you want to contact Open Sky Group? Here’s more information on our JDA RedPrairie managed support services.

What Can I Expect from Open Sky Group Support?

Our Support process is rooted in easy-to-use, effective issue tracking and thorough communication:

  • Real-time Status updates – See who (and when) our team acknowledges your request. Get updates when our team changes the status of the incident or adds information such as notes or a resolution.
  • Customer Wiki – We know our clients’ business and systems – we don’t believe there is any other way to do it. So we have a Wiki for every client with important details. Enjoy the feeling of being a name and not a contract number!
  • Automated ticket assignment and response – If you email an incident, our system will reply to you in minutes with an incident number (AND, everything you wrote in your email goes into our system).
  • Customer Portal – Not only will you get email updates, you can also log in and use our system in the same way we do – you see what we see in your incidents.
  • Monitoring – All levels of support will receive our basic monitoring tools. For Gold and Platinum levels, advanced and customized monitoring for proactive support is included.
  • Patches and Upgrades – Gold and Platinum service levels include applying minor version patches and upgrades to your instances.
  • Changes – We live in a world of fast-paced changes and it can be frustrating to need to make simple changes to existing features and have to go through a quote/bid process. For Gold and Platinum levels, making changes to existing features and integrations is included.
  • Interaction with JDA Support – Gold and Platinum service levels include having Open Sky Group open and manage tickets as necessary on your behalf, directly with JDA for issues that require software patches.
  • Convenient Incident Reporting – Two ways to submit an incident (web and email)