• Are you currently managing your fleet with a spreadsheet and running into challenges sharing information across your organization?
  • Do you know where your shipments are after they leave your warehouse?
  • Can you quickly assess who your best and worst carriers are? Your most profitable and least profitable customers?
  • Do you know when you’re overpaying your carriers or being underpaid by your customers?

Your Transportation Management. Reimagined.

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We can help you rethink your approach to managing your transportation and logistics with Blue Yonder TMS and other highly capable solutions.

What does Open Sky Group do with transportation management solutions?

Open Sky Group can implement and support your Blue Yonder TMS on-premise or in the cloud. We also work with other transportation management solution providers and can help you find one that works best for your operations.

Averaging 16 years of supply chain experience, Open Sky Group’s transportation team has worked in many aspects of transportation management including:

  • Carrier invoice auditing
  • Carrier relationships
  • Contract management
  • EDI configuration, implementation, and integration
  • LTL/TL/Parcel/Ocean
  • Route planning
  • Transportation consolidation
  • Transportation execution
  • Transportation finance
  • Transportation planning

Open Sky Group’s transportation team has worked across many industries, including:

  • 3PL
  • Apparel & Fashion
  • Automotive
  • Brokerage
  • Cold Storage
  • Construction
  • Consumer Goods
  • Dairy & Grocery
  • Food & Beverage Distribution
  • Government
  • Managed Transportation / LSP
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Quick Server Restaurant
  • Rail
  • Telecommunications
  • Tools & Hardware

Open Sky Group has completed integrations with warehouse management, ERP and more, starting with a set of pre-configured integrations to meet the majority of needs. Open Sky Group has the deep integration expertise to create other new connections as needed.

What are some of the gains Blue Yonder TMS customers have seen?

  • Achieved an 8 percent annual reduction in transportation cost
  • Realized 10 percent improvement in load consolidation
  • Improved planner productivity by 67 percent
  • Improved service levels including on-time delivery by 20-40 percent
  • Decreased carrier turn-down rate by as much as 40 percent
  • Improved customer fill rates by 20-30 percent
  • Improved in-stock position by 5-35 percent
  • Reduced lead and cycle time by 25-75 percent

Supply chains are only going to get more complex, yet you are expected to consistently deliver while managing costs. With transportation, you can leverage every available asset, drive profitability and sharpen your competitive edge. Blue Yonder solutions enable you to transform your transportation operations by managing both inbound and outbound, integrating supplier and carrier collaboration tools, and tackling whatever challenges tomorrow brings.


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Open Sky Group is the largest, dedicated Blue Yonder WMS reseller and implementation partner and specializes in warehouse, labor, and transportation management solutions. Blue Yonder transportation accreditations include:

  • Transportation management, functional
  • Transportation management, technical
  • Transportation Modeler
  • Luminate Control Tower

Reimagine your transportation and logistics management with us.

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