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Taking the Pain out of Workforce Management

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Warehouse Staffing Pain Relief

Wages are going up. Demand is going up. Your workforce is one of your greatest assets, but your turnover is increasing. What is out there that can provide you and your warehouse managers with staffing pain relief?

Workforce Management (WFM) can keep up with your 24/7 e-commerce market and ensure that your warehouse will always be capable of meeting its demands. It can tell you exactly how much an employee is costing and feed that information into payroll. When paired with Labor Management (LMS), labor information is fed back into the WFM and with that data pool, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and LMS will know exactly how many case picks, kits, and work orders an individual did last week, last month, or last year for Christmas. The company will know when the peak season was and what buyer trends were. It takes everything into account and helps companies make workforce decisions as they move towards the future. 

What does the future hold? Employees are looking for flexibility and empowerment is going to help reduce turnover rates. This is also going to help the company learn and adjust to consumer habits. AI and ML are also going to play a large role in the future by assisting companies to predict what consumers want before they know they want it. Workforce Management could be the solution your company has been looking for.  

What is great about JDA Workforce Management?

Service matters in today’s competitive marketplace. Being able to effectively manage and retain warehouse employees, while meeting demands can mean the difference between success and failure. JDA Workforce Management (WFM) can help warehouse managers optimize their staff and turn them into one of their greatest strategic strengths. JDA WFM can:
  • Provide mobile capabilities that improve productivity, transparency, and employee engagement
  • Automate long-range labor planning, forecasting, scheduling, and performance reports
  • Reduce the risk of compliance issues
  • Match staffing with demands
  • Lower labor expenses, turnover, and pirated hours.

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