WERC. It stands for Warehouse Education Resource Council. We just got back last week from WERC’s Annual Conference which was held in Providence, Rhode Island. Two personal firsts for me there – first WERC annual conference – and first time to Providence (beautiful, approachable city). If you weren’t able to attend, here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Powerful general session speakers – WERC secured some fantastic general session speakers that included Destin Sandlin, rocket engineer; Molly Fletcher, the female “Jerry McGuire”; and Merril Hoge, former NFL running back and ESPN Football Analyst. They were all energetic and inspiring, as all good general session speakers are meant to be and each had a great message to give us all something to think about and try on for size. Lt. Col. Brian Gilman, introduced us all to a new program that launched at WERC, Vets to WERC.
  • Networking, networking, networking – WERC provided lots of opportunities to network among all the other activities. We met so many people from all over the country from all different parts of supply chain and logistics, each looking for ways to improve what they’re doing in their respective businesses. Kronos held a great networking session at Trinity Brewhouse with prizes, trivia and great food and drinks. Thanks Kronos!
  • Educational Sessions – There were roughly 40 breakout sessions over two days and 28 Peer-to-Peer sessions in two days. The Peer-to-Peer sessions each had a topic and a moderator – and then the group set to discussing. Topics ranged from chemical warehousing to WMS to regulatory challenges and parcel challenges.
  • Solution Center – Lots of different vendors representing various aspects of the supply chain and logistics industry. It was the perfect size – you could walk the entire Solutions Center in less than an hour. And because the focus is mainly on education and networking, this was only a part of the week. It didn’t dominate the conference.
  • Facility Tours – there were 9 facility tours to choose from, each one focusing on a different type of business. Lots to learn by watching and then the good discussions it sparked afterwards.
  • 2017 – Mark your calendars for WERC’s Annual Conference in 2017 where they’ll celebrate 40 years of the conference in Fort Worth, Texas, April 30 – May 3.