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TVS Supply Chain Solutions North America chose Open Sky Group to implement their Blue Yonder Warehouse Management. They were looking for mobility, security, and flexibility in their software – and a partner who understands the critical nature of integration and how to make that happen without modifying the software.

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Some customers who have implemented Blue Yonder WMS report:

  • up to 50% reduction in dock-to-stock time
  • nearly 100% in inventory visibility and accuracy
  • 10% or more reduction in fulfillment costs
  • 10 to 35% reduction in inventory storage and handling costs

Why Blue Yonder (formerly JDA RedPrairie) Warehouse Management?

The acquisition with RedPrairie in 2012 positioned JDA Software (now Blue Yonder) as a leader in global supply chain management, offering a broad portfolio of integrated planning and execution solutions and services to help global firms manage their supply chains – from raw materials to finished products and into the hands of consumers – through any channel. RedPrairie was originally McHugh Freeman and had acquired brands such as i2, Manugistics, etc. All of these great products across many areas of the supply chain have helped form what is now Blue Yonder and a single supply chain platform.

Blue Yonder (formerly JDA RedPrairie) warehouse management (WMS) can scale to meet your needs whether you are a rapidly growing start-up or a mature business looking to replace an existing legacy system.

Blue Yonder recognizes that small, medium, and large businesses have different needs when it comes to software and has been building its partner ecosystem with implementers and resellers like Open Sky Group. Open Sky Group has pioneered a templatized approach to implementation that streamlines and shortens your timeline, saving you time and costs.

Start Working with Experienced Blue Yonder WMS Experts Today

Warehouse Management System Expertise

Deep warehouse management systems implementation expertise in an effective and efficient partner.

Distribution is more complex than ever.  There’s extra pressure to minimize costs, maximize labor productivity, and meet increasingly demanding shipping deadlines. You need to be able to adapt quickly to change and still meet all the “rights” (time, location, product, quality).

A robust warehouse management system, like Blue Yonder WMS, can help you stay on top of today’s distribution challenges.  An experienced and highly responsive team with warehouse management systems implementation expertise, like Open Sky Group, can help you effectively and efficiently implement supply chain software like Blue Yonder WMS.

Because we are a reseller of Blue Yonder solutions, you can purchase software licenses for warehouse, labor, and transportation management. We conduct software demonstrations and reference site visits, the same types of things you’d experience if you were working directly with any software provider.

Why is a shorter timeframe important for a warehouse management system implementation?

Keeping the WMS implementation time shorter means your costs are lower. Our methodology and approach are designed to make your WMS implementation rapid (less than six months) so you can start seeing the benefits of your new system faster.

Get Blue Yonder (formerly JDA RedPrairie) warehouse management system implementation expertise working for you.

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