Fast, Right, or Cheap: Top 10 KPIs to Balance All Three


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What Are You Sacrificing in Your Transportation Strategy?

Do you ship quickly and cheaply while suffering from inaccuracy?

Do you choose to be accurate and fast, but face higher costs?

Throughout the transportation and logistics industry the challenge of balancing the three primary objectives of cost, quality, and speed, is a constant struggle. We address how to evaluate your operations and re-focus your attention through 10 logistics KPIs in our white paper, “Fast, Right, or Cheap: Top 10 Transportation KPIs to Balance All Three.”

How does this affect my transportation management program? 

Having a solid foundation in your transportation management program will help your operations reach optimal performance. Recognizing each of the addressed KPIs will help give you the insight to improve your operations and find the balance needed to incorporate the three primary objectives of speed, cost, and quality.

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