WMS implementation teams the right mix

WMS Implementation Teams – Getting The Right Mix (Part 2)


In this post, we’ll conclude our attempt to educate our readers on what we think a typical WMS implementation team will look like. Part 1 outlined the first two major roles and  this second part will covers the remaining roles. Again, your team might look a little different if you are only going to implement one facility vs. multiple facilities, or if you are a 3PL planning on doing many diverse roll outs as you onboard new customers. Even if your goals are different than the situations we describe, we think you’ll find some useful ideas and tips.

Product Dimension Weight Data in WMS

Product Dimension and Weight Data – Does My WMS Need It?


We’re not sure we’ve ever implemented a Warehouse Management System (WMS) without a lengthy discussion of product dimension and weight data for inventory. This article will include some of our common findings and outcomes of those lengthy discussions. But first, the answer to our title question is simple; you must capture the minimum product dimension and weight data necessary to support your processes. Or said another way; it depends (now, does that answer truly surprise you?). Let’s explore further.