JDA WLM – Opportunities Beyond Performance Scores (Part 1)

Folks that spend much time utilizing LMS software like JDA Warehouse Labor Management (referred to as JDA WLM and formerly known as RedPrairie Workforce Labor Management) within their operations often wake up and fall asleep asking, “What’s my score?” Here are seven ways you can get more than just a score from your JDA WLM.

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JDA WLM Seven Opportunities
JDA WLM Planning Example

Real World Planning Example – With and Without JDA WLM


In the supply chain world, no two days are alike. The implementation and use of software such as JDA Warehouse Labor Management system (JDA WLM, formerly known as RedPrairie Workforce Management) can change the way an operation measures, plans, tracks and reacts. Here is Planning from an Operations Manager’s perspective both with and without JDA WLM.