What Can You Measure with JDA WLM?

There is unmistakable value to measuring potential and successful improvements in your supply chain operation. In fact, to truly improve, you have to be capable of measuring (FYI, that’s a personal mantra of mine in my career in labor management). A question I often hear about JDA Warehouse Labor Management (JDA WLM) is, “What can the product measure?”

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jda wlm benefits you can measure
Productivity with JDA WLM

Real Productivity Examples with and without JDA WLM


In the supply chain world, no two days are ever the same. There are good tools, such as labor software, that can help companies plan ahead and react well when surprises happen. The implementation and use of labor software like JDA Warehouse Labor Management system (JDA WLM) can change the way an operation measures, plans, tracks and reacts.

Operational Analysis JDA WLM

Real Operational Analysis Examples With, Without JDA WLM


The implementation and use of software such as JDA Warehouse Labor Management system (JDA WLM, formerly known as RedPrairie Workforce Management) can change the way an operation measures, plans, tracks and reacts. Check out Operational Analysis from a DC Manager – how do you prefer to work?