Real Operational Analysis Examples With, Without JDA WLM

The implementation and use of software such as JDA Warehouse Labor Management system (JDA WLM, formerly known as RedPrairie Workforce Management) can change the way an operation measures, plans, tracks and reacts. Check out Operational Analysis from a DC Manager – how do you prefer to work?

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Operational Analysis JDA WLM
Productivity Coaching with JDA WLM

Real Productivity Coaching With and Without JDA WLM


In this five part series, we’ll cover real world examples related to Productivity, Planning, Quality and Coaching with and without JDA WLM. This part covers Productivity Coaching from a Picker’s perspective. Check out the difference in job satisfaction levels between the two situations.

JDA WLM Seven Opportunities

JDA WLM – Opportunities Beyond Performance Scores (Part 3)


JDA WLM tells you what your operation is doing and how well you’re doing it. Unfortunately, in too many operations, the use of the software ends often at just Performance Scores. Here are the final three areas in the series of opportunities to use your JDA WLM for more than just performance scores.