Product Dimension and Weight Data – Does My WMS Need It?

We’re not sure we’ve ever implemented a Warehouse Management System (WMS) without a lengthy discussion of product dimension and weight data for inventory. This article will include some of our common findings and outcomes of those lengthy discussions. But first, the answer to our title question is simple; you must capture the minimum product dimension and weight data necessary to support your processes. Or said another way; it depends (now, does that answer truly surprise you?). Let’s explore further.

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Product Dimension Weight Data in WMS
reconciliation with WMS Integration

Reconciliation is a Big Deal with WMS Integrations


Today we are going to talk about the different kinds of reconciliation transactions or reports that should be implemented with every WMS/ERP system – and why. We’ll talk about the why first to get something important out of the way. If you have integrated two systems (i.e., WMS and ERP), then you need to have

systems integration saving costs

Systems Integration – Keeping Costs Reasonable


A Matter of Perspective At Open Sky Group, we have a strong culture of sharing knowledge, experience, and ideas openly and freely. A topic got started from one of our consultants needing ideas on how to keep systems integration costs (and effort) to a minimum for a rapid implementation (or in our world, a normal