Mastery – The Sixth Core Value

We define our core value of Mastery as “an expert today or could be in five years, never stops learning, attention to detail and consistency.” While it would be great to simply hire people who already know everything they need, the reality is that we live in a world of constant change. We are not as concerned about someone already having skills. We are concerned about hiring people who can master new skills as needed.

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Mastery Open Sky Group core value
Creativity Open Sky Group core value

Creativity – The Fifth Core Value


We define the core value of Creativity as “innovative, problem-solving, adaptable and flexible as to how problems are solved.” When we survey clients, we overwhelmingly get positive feedback on our creativity as individuals and as a company in solving their toughest problems.

Candor Open Sky Group Core Value

Candor – The Fourth Core Value


We define this core value of Candor as “frankness, not afraid to ask questions respectfully and the ability to hold others accountable.” None of our other core values (Attitude, Autonomy, Creativity, Caring, Mastery and Fun) could work as well without a healthy dose of candor from time to time.