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Slotting Integration to JDA Warehouse Management with Open Sky Group

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Slotting Integration for JDA Warehouse Management

  • Does your warehouse have challenges with replenishment and stock-outs of forward picking locations?
  • Is your facility low on space and experiencing congestion along pick paths?
  • Are you looking to increase productivity or improve pallet build quality?

If any of these scenarios ring true, you likely have a need for slotting optimization.

If you have JDA WMS, there’s good news. Integrating slotting software with JDA WMS is seamless. Open Sky Group has developed a robust API integration using lightweight JSON data exchange, for integrating slotting software and JDA Warehouse Management.

Open Sky Group has many supply chain partners, one of which is Optricity. One choice for slotting can be Optricity’s award-winning OptiSlot DC™ and Conductor products.  When these products are integrated with JDA WMS, items are continually relocated to their optimal locations; your warehouse self-heals using already occurring replenishment moves. These movements are integrated into and managed by the standard work queue in the JDA WMS, which helps you take advantage of things like empty vehicle travel time (no more wasted trips and the warehouse gets optimally slotted at the same time). You can control how quickly the warehouse achieves an optimal state for product slotting by how many moves you choose to interleave into the regular work queue. Further, IT departments will be happy to know this introduces no modifications to JDA Warehouse Management; it simply leverages the existing functionality already in the WMS. Contact Open Sky Group today to learn how our slotting integration can work for you.

Get seamless integration between JDA Warehouse Management and your slotting software. Contact Open Sky Group today.