Does your WMS integration feel like an uphill climb?

Every WMS implementation requires the exchange of information between at least two systems. Open Sky Group consultants are experts at translating information either into or out of the systems we implement to all kinds of packages whether they are homegrown or well-known like SAP or Oracle.

Open Sky Group consultants use integration tools to successfully share information between Blue Yonder (formerly JDA RedPrairie) Warehouse Management, Blue Yonder Warehouse Labor Management and Blue Yonder Transportation Management to any of your systems that need it. We use tools such as:

  • Blue Yonder Flex
  • Blue Yonder Integrator
  • BizTalk
  • WebMethods
  • Various  client proprietary integration tools

Case Studies

TVS Logo


TVS Supply Chain Solutions North America chose Open Sky Group to implement their Blue Yonder Warehouse Management. They were looking for mobility, security and flexibility in their software – and a partner who understands the critical nature of integration and how to make that happen without modifying the software.

Read the full case study here.



Master Lock LogoMaster Lock Company chose Open Sky Group to retrofit Blue Yonder Parcel Handling Integrator to their Blue Yonder Warehouse Management for Logistyx Technologies’ transportation management execution (TME) multi-carrier parcel shipping solution. Long-time client of Open Sky Group, Master Lock needed a solution quickly to ensure business continuity and also to allow them to better time their upgrade project.

Read the full case study here.


How long does WMS integration take? And how do I know it will work?

The timing for the integration portion of a WMS implementation depends on how many integrations are needed – and which systems need to talk to one another. On average, the integration portion of a project from configuration to testing can take a few weeks. We don’t consider a WMS integration complete until it’s working the way you need it to for your operations. Open Sky Group has a defined process that includes:

  • Integration architecture planning
  • Interface mapping and construction
  • End-to-end integration testing
  • Data reconciliation

Contact Open Sky Group today to discover how we can help you successfully integrate Blue Yonder Warehouse, Labor or Transportation Management software to your other critical systems.