What are Advisory Services?

Advisory Services focuses on meeting the challenges you face today, while also helping you prepare for operational success tomorrow.

  • Are labor shortages, customer demands, inflation eroding your margins?
  • Curious if your current processes and investments are providing optimal performance?
  • Wonder if automating your operation will improve results but want to avoid a vendor sales pitch?

Open Sky Group’s Advisory Services is committed to supporting you with the best available operational insights and technology solutions offering:

  • Operational and Technology Assessments
  • KPI and Reporting Assessments
  • Solution Evaluations
  • Business Case Development
  • Change Management
  • Program Management
  • Vendor Selections

Advisory Services

Advisory Service can help you develop an investment improvement roadmap to make targeted outlays in the future to help you develop and maintain a competitive advantage.


What are the benefits of Advisory Services?

Open Sky Group’s Advisory Services keep your investments producing the results you seek by focusing on three key areas.


  • Evaluating material flow through people, processes, and platforms to reduce waste
  • Minimizing inefficient and transient labor to reduce training and turnover costs
  • Leveraging advances in automation and robotics to achieve consistent productivity levels


  • Understanding your operations in real-time by recommending and developing improved KPIs
  • Refining processes to accommodate changing industry and end-customer expectations


  • Creating a roadmap so you know where you need to invest to outperform your competition
  • Embracing end-customer expectations to make your business the preferred provider
  • Securing industry-leading profit margins by leveraging process improvement and technology

How do you get started?

First, we’ll have a no-obligation chat to get to know each other a bit. If we feel we’re a mutually good fit, the next step is an assessment. This is our way to understand your business, processes, unique challenges and to deliver an improvement roadmap that will streamline your operations.

When you engage Advisory Services, we work with you to strategically justify investment opportunities. Whether that means developing financial models or adapting to changing market conditions, we can help you build a business case to achieve your goals.

In addition, Open Sky Group’s depth of talent and resources can provide program and project management as well as ongoing support for any technology that may be implemented.

Your success is our success. Let’s have a conversation.

More about Open Sky Group Advisory Services

Open Sky Group’s Advisors bring over 25 years of experience to solve your supply chain challenges. Our advisors have the background to correctly assess your unique challenges.

Advisory Services is independent. We don’t represent any particular product or solution. We are dedicated to solving your problems and uncovering your opportunities — not hitting a sales quota.

With over 950 successful supply chain projects completed across several verticals, Open Sky Group has the depth and breadth to help you succeed today and tomorrow.

Advisory Service can help you develop an investment improvement roadmap to make targeted outlays in the future to help you develop and maintain a competitive advantage.

Open Sky Group has a vast network of partners to draw upon as we discover areas of focus in your operation that provide the greatest impact. However, the answer may simply lie in a few strategic process changes or improved KPIs that kickstart a continuous improvement culture.

Enough about us. How can we help you today?

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