RedPrairie Warehouse Management System: Get Work Queue Working

RedPrairie Warehouse Management System Work Queue

While auditing WMS implementations, we often find that Work Queue has not been activated, and if it has, it’s generally not being used as effectively as it can be within the JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Management System Software. If you do have Work Queue turned on in your system and find yourself “managing” the Work Queue by changing priorities and assigning and suspending work, it’s time to step back from what you are doing and analyze the situation. The Work Queue is designed to eliminate the tasks of assigning people to the best work and managing priorities. Setting up the Work Queue can be a tricky process and one that may need some adjusting as your processes mature. The following Q&A will help you to analyze and improve your use of Work Queue in your RedPrairie Warehouse Management System:

Is the work escalating or sitting at the bottom of the priority list and not getting done?

  • Work needs to escalate so that it does not sit at the bottom of the queue and not get completed. The escalation manager (the engine of the work queue) will run periodically (user defined interval) and escalate the work to a higher priority within your JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Management System. It’s best to set up the queue so that new work will not come in as a higher priority over existing work, unless it is a task that needs to be accomplished immediately, such as an emergency replenishment or a location audit.

Are some areas taking longer to complete tasks because of longer travel paths or harder to pick locations?

  • The same work may go into the work queue as a higher priority based on the area. For example, if the work normally goes into the queue as a twenty (20), change the priority on the area so that some work coming out of that area goes in to the queue as a higher priority and can get completed sooner.

There is work in the work queue but why is no one picking it up?

  • This is a common question. Open the screen called Ineligible Work Display within your JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Management System. After entering the User ID or the RDT the screen will display only the work that this user can’t perform. Many times it will be due to too many vehicles in the work zone, or a vehicle not being setup to perform that type of work or access the location. Make adjustments accordingly.

The work queue should be treated as a helpful tool that runs automatically and does not need constant intervention and management. This will allow you to focus your time on other critical warehouse tasks such as allocating and shipping orders to your customers. Get your JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Management System Work Queue working harder for you; contact Open Sky Group today.