Quality Control With And Without JDA WLM from Manager’s POV

JDA WLM quality control example

In the supply chain world each day can present new challenges. While no operation can predict the future absolutely, there are good tools like labor software that can help companies plan ahead and react well when surprises happen. How might your daily operations change when using JDA Warehouse Labor Management (JDA WLM) software?

In this five part series, we’ll cover examples from different job position perspectives related to Quality Control, Operational Analysis, Productivity, Planning and Coaching both with and without JDA WLM.

Quality with and without JDA WLM from A Quality Manager’s Perspective

Without Labor Software

  • My operation has recently started a new case pick operation. It will ship my product directly to consumers that have purchased my items through a popular online retailer.
  • I’ve received multiple customer complaints during the ramp up of this project due to misshipped product. I’ve instructed users to pay closer attention to the product they are shipping, but I haven’t seen a reduction in complaints.
  • My products and my business are now receiving negative reviews that are getting communicated directly to my potential customers, which is a big problem.


  • I have received a complaint from a customer regarding a misshipped item. I log the misship in JDA WLM. The error is attached to the specific user, location and part associated with the error.
  • After noticing an uptick in error rates over the previous two shifts, I generate a quality report in JDA WLM by part and also by location. Per my reports, three specific items and one location are generating an above average error rate.
  • After further investigation, I see that the three parts that have been most commonly misspicked are stored very closely to each other and look very similar. Although my users are scanning the correct location, they are picking the incorrect carton due to similarities in packaging.
  • I also see that the one location causing errors is not clearly labeled and is being confused with another storage location. I quickly have the items relocated to prevent further errors.

These scenarios are just a few examples of how JDA Warehouse Labor Management System (JDA WLM) can change the way every level of your supply chain operates day-to-day. To start using JDA WLM or expand the use of an existing instance (like a prior version known as RedPrairie Workforce Management), contact Open Sky Group today.