In the supply chain world, no two days are ever the same. There are good tools, such as labor software, that can help companies plan ahead and react well when surprises happen. The implementation and use of labor software like JDA Warehouse Labor Management system (JDA WLM) can change the way an operation measures, plans, tracks and reacts. How might your daily operations change when using JDA WLM software?

In this five part series, we’ll cover real world examples from different job position perspectives on things like Productivity, Quality ControlCoaching, Operational Analysis and Planning.

Productivity with and without JDA WLM from a Supervisor’s Perspective

Without Labor Software

  • I know my Operation is getting work done, but I’m not quite sure why Mondays are less productive than Fridays, even when the volume of work and my workforce is the same. I see in my WMS that my number of lines and/or cases is very similar, but I continuously require overtime on Mondays. On Mondays I’m completing X units per hour, however on Fridays I know I’m completing X units more per hour? I’ve been asked to investigate, but I only have the summary numbers for employees, hours and total lines/cases/pallets.


  • I noticed my performance score is lower on Monday vs. Friday, even though I have the same amount of goal time. I immediately go to my JDA WLM and run a summary report by user for each day, quickly identifying six employees showing much lower performance scores on Monday vs. Friday. Looking at a User Detail report, I dive deeper in to a few employees and see each user’s transactions with specific time stamps and goal times. I then see that a number of users show large time gaps and under-performance around break time. Concluding that break time is at 9:00 p.m. and Monday Night Football is on in the breakroom, it’s possibly time to enforce stricter rules around break procedures.
  • After generating a summary report by job code from JDA WLM, I notice that although my goal time is similar, there is much more cleaning time on Monday requested by users than on Fridays, as well as more battery changes. It appears that my weekend shift may not be cleaning their workspace and that lifts might not be getting charged according to SOP’s; time to investigate and see what reminders/retraining are needed.

The scenarios we’re covering in this series are just a few examples of how JDA Warehouse Labor Management System (JDA WLM) can change the way every level of your supply chain operates day-to-day. To start using JDA WLM, or to more fully utilize an existing instance (i.e., prior versions called RedPrairie Workforce Management), contact Open Sky Group today.