Real Productivity Coaching With and Without JDA WLM

Productivity Coaching with JDA WLM

In the supply chain world, no two days are alike. While no operation can predict the future absolutely, there are good tools that can help companies plan ahead and react well when surprises happen. One of the most effective tools is Labor Management software. How might your daily operations change when using JDA Warehouse Labor Management (JDA WLM)?

In this five part series, we cover real world examples related to Productivity Coaching, Productivity, Planning, Quality and Operational Analysis with and without JDA WLM. Check out the difference in job satisfaction levels between the two situations.

Productivity Coaching with and without JDA WLM from a Picker’s Perspective

Without Labor Management software

  • After working at my new job as a picker for only four weeks, I feel comfortable driving my lift, but my RF screens are still a bit confusing at times.
  • I see others picking faster than me and I want to improve; I’m just not sure what others are doing differently. When I ask my supervisor if my productivity is meeting expectations, it’s a struggle to get a clear answer. I have been told that I need to pick faster. I’m also picking less lines than some others. I’m not sure how many lines I need to pick per night. Seems like some people have easier orders to pick (like high line count from a single location) but we’re all still held to the same ‘lines per hour’goal.


  • After working at my new job as a picker for only four weeks, I receive weekly observations performed by my supervisor. Following each observation, my supervisor provides me with my performance score and coaches me on how I can improve my processes. I can also able give feedback regarding delays or struggles I’ve had during my week.
  • At break time, I see productivity reports on the monitors generated from JDA WLM for the previous day and week and can see that I’ve improved.
  • During my on-boarding, I was taught that the JDA WLM system calculates productivity goals from a range of variables as opposed to only requiring a certain amount of units be completed in an hour so it seems like we’re fairly scored.

The scenarios in this series are just a few examples of how JDA Warehouse Labor Management System (JDA WLM) can change the way every level of your supply chain operates day-to-day. To start using JDA WLM, or to more fully utilize an existing instance (i.e., if you have an older version that was known as RedPrairie Workforce Management), contact Open Sky Group today.