Open Sky Group Supports Growth of Ditzfeld Transfer

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Raleigh, NC – Open Sky Group (Open Sky) and Ditzfeld Transfer (Ditzfeld), a leading Midwest transportation, distribution and warehouse provider, are pleased to announce that 2012 is their sixth year of working together in support of Ditzfeld’s enterprise applications. Open Sky Group has helped Ditzfeld meet many of its software customization and support needs for Prophesy Dispatch and RedPrairie WMS. The relationship has become much more strategic over time and this year included two significant projects in pallet building and compliance.

Open Sky Group helped Ditzfeld implement a highly efficient pallet building process which allows Ditzfeld’s clients to send accurate EDI shipment confirmations to their customers. This helps them stay in compliance with large retailers like Home Depot® and Lowes®. Although the WMS version did not support Pallet Building, Open Sky Group was able to extend the existing version to meet Ditzfeld’s needs without incurring the costs or delay usually associated with an upgrade. Another area where Open Sky Group was able to provide future functionality to this older WMS release was in creating a document compliance engine that simplified the process of changing label and document types associated with Ditzfeld’s end customers. This dynamic compliant rules system allows Ditzfeld to quickly react to changes in carrier routing guidelines via configuration, not programming.

Steve Ditzfeld is VP of Warehousing for Ditzfeld Transfer and is responsible for all warehousing operations across more than 1M square feet of warehouses in and around the Sedalia, MO area. “Our customers and prospects demand that our company offer the same level of technology as the bigger players. With Open Sky on our side, we’ve never been worried about how we will solve technology challenges – they always come through for us. We can’t say enough good things about the accessibility and knowledge of Open Sky’s personnel or their rapid response – and we have a solid and continuous history of growth we’ve been able to sustain that we tie directly back to Open Sky’s support of our systems.”

Curt Sardeson, President of Open Sky Group says, “Ditzfeld was one of Open Sky Group’s first clients and we’ve gotten to know their business, customers, and employees very well, which has helped us to grow beyond just problem-solving issue-by-issue and into a more strategic approach. We’re proud of Ditzfeld’s growth and openness to new ideas and technology which has made this regional 3PL highly competitive. We look forward to many more years of working with Ditzfeld Transfer to continue to exceed their customers’ expectations.”

Ditzfeld Transfer has grown into one of the Midwest’s leading transportation, warehouse and distribution service providers and has been family-owned and operated since 1960 when the business was started by John and Bernice Ditzfeld. The company began with one truck and has grown to over fifty with 145 trailers across 48 states and all provinces in Canada. Warehousing was added in the early 1990’s and has grown from 10,000 square feet to over 1M. Ditzfeld Transfer serves customers in the retail, medical records, automotive aftermarket and finished goods industries.