Open Sky Group’s Promise – What’s in it for You?

promise open sky group

Promise. noun prom·ise \ˈprä-məs\ a statement telling someone that you will definitely do something or that something will definitely happen in the future.

At Open Sky Group, we’ve developed our own promise and we include it in every client contract. Here is how it reads:

  • We promise to be prompt, responsive, honest, focused, and above all, flexible in our interactions with you.
  • We understand you have put a lot of trust in our relationship and we will provide you the right people to reach your business objectives.
  • We promise to continue to deepen our knowledge and expertise to enable a nimble response to the changing dynamics of business and technology.
  • We will be daring and innovative to solve difficult problems at a cost that does not exceed the value of our services.
  • We promise to be your partner throughout the full life cycle of your project.

What’s in it for our clients?
We stand behind our work and our people and will do our best to be the best supply chain consultants on the planet. We don’t want to give you a solution that doesn’t meet your needs or that exceeds your budget. The work we do requires that our clients put their trust in us to make their systems as efficient as possible to bring the best results for their operations. We take that seriously.

What’s in it for our employees?
Our employees helped write this. They understand and embrace each piece and strive every day to be their best and to give you the best service possible. The promise provides guiding principles by which our employees conduct and measure their work.

If you believe we have or have not lived up to this, we want to know. Contact us immediately and we’ll either be glad to hear how we fulfilled it, or do what we can to make it right if you feel we haven’t lived up to the Open Sky Group promise.