With over 400 successful warehouse management and labor software projects completed, Open Sky Group clients see results and gain many kinds of benefits through full implementations, enhancements, integration, upgrades and other services. Open Sky Group works across many industries from Consumer Goods to High Tech and Electronics, Food and Beverage, Third Party Logistics and more. Here are just a few examples of how Open Sky Group clients have benefited from our services:

Open Sky Group clients take on WMS Upgrades and new software releases with ease and confidence:

  • We implemented the first North American instance of JDA Warehouse Management 9.1.x in 2016 for a natural cleaning products company in under four months. We upgraded three more clients to the 9.1.x versions and have roughly seventeen warehouses running JDA Warehouse Management 2017.x. The newer versions of JDA Warehouse Management have a persona-based user interface and the look and feel of very modern applications used every day on our mobile devices. User adoption has been faster, and the setup and configuration wizards are very well-suited to Open Sky Group’s implementation methodology of disciplined agility. Contact Open Sky Group today to learn more.

Open Sky Group clients win contracts and meet deadlines:

  • For a large, cold storage 3PL we created a solution to initiate Inventory Holds globally, within seconds, across a large network of warehouses to comply with customer requirements.
  • For a mid-size 3PL, we implemented a new White Goods Appliance Export warehouse in 60 days with full integration to the client’s ERP.
  • For an east coast 3PL, we implemented a Flash.com retailer in 30 days with integration to retailers OMS and a new Put-To-Light picking system.

Open Sky Group clients reduce operational and software costs:

  • For a regional 3PL, we implemented a slotting program to help build perfect pallets and to reduce carrier damages and chargebacks.
  • For an export 3PL, we automated order entry of an export customer by electronically integrating large complex orders which reduced errors and headcount by 1 customer service representative
  • For an automotive supplier, we implemented a new JDA WMS which resulted in significant labor savings within 3 months of startup
  • Across a variety of industries, we’ve helped multiple clients develop internal self-sufficiency for day-to-day support operations by providing recorded video training sessions.

Open Sky Group clients experience increased productivity and throughput:

  • For a global 3PL with a concentration in food and beverage, we created a custom, multi-SKU pick process to support a flow-through operation.
  • For a mid-size 3PL, we implemented pre-manifesting processes for FedEx labels to print the shipping label prior to full case picking so the labels could be applied during the pick process resulting in headcount reduction by 1 FTE and reduced labeling errors.
  • For a large, grocery retailer, we automated the approval of freight bills within a predefined tolerance and allowed operations to refocus 2 full-time personnel on customer service instead of voucher approvals.
  • For a video game publisher, we multi-threaded eCOM order downloads to solve a serious backlog of orders during peak season.

Contact Open Sky Group today to learn how we can help you achieve these kinds of results and more.