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Golf and How to Avoid Shanking Your Next WMS Project

This article first appeared in Logistics Viewpoint 2021 issue. Author: Jeremy Hudson, Director, Client Services, Open Sky Group

Since COVID, the supply chain industry has been tested and many companies have decided to ramp up their game by implementing a new Warehouse Management Solution (WMS). This article, written by Jeremy Hudson, Director of Client Services, Open Sky Group, discusses how to avoid buyer’s remorse in your next WMS project, in particular, a WMS selection, and how that relates to your golf game. This witty take on the implementation process is both fun and informative.

The following are a few tips and excerpts from the article. If you’d rather watch a video, visit our YouTube page for “How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse in a WMS Selection.

What’s in Your Bag?

“As in the game of golf, before you hit the links, you need to assess what’s in your bag. You wouldn’t step onto the course without a putter or driver and you shouldn’t dive into a WMS install without first shoring up your project plan…”

Understand the Course for Your Next WMS Projects

“No golfer leaves the pro shop without a scorecard. You need a basic layout to go by, so you can avoid the hazards on each hole. This means prepping potential providers on the specifics of your project, so you don’t waste time sitting through demos that don’t apply to your situation…”

Take the Least Amount of Strokes

“The best golf scores are the lowest golf scores. Added strokes don’t win jackets and added modifications in a WMS installation will cost you plenty…”

Keep Up the Pace

“No one likes arriving at the next hole only to find the foursome in front has yet to tee off. It can spoil a round of golf and throw your game off quickly. The same is true in a WMS project. Pacing is critical…”

Improve Your Game for Your Next WMS Project

“The key to getting the most out of your next WMS project is not so much about the technology as it is the people who use it. A state-of-the-art set of golf clubs won’t turn an amateur into a tour professional unless that amateur gets expert coaching and hits the practice tee relentlessly…”

Go for the Green

“…the best way to avoid buyer’s remorse in a WMS implementation is to prepare correctly, articulate your needs, align with a provider who fits your timeline and budget and get your people to full productivity fast. If you can stay on the fairway, avoid the hazards and sink more birdies than you do bogeys, you’ll be lowering your handicap and upping your game in record time…”

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