Open Sky Group periodically hosts guest blog posts to help share information on technologies and offerings within the supply chain that are outside of Open Sky service offering areas; ones that we think will be of interest/use to our customers. Today’s post is by guest author, Transportation | Warehouse Optimization.
  • Have you ever struggled to maximize your full truckloads without overloading axles or damaging products?
  • Would you like to increase productivity by 15-20% and reduce new employee learning curve by 80%, over your current Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

The Auto02 solution might be something to consider.

If you’re using JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Management System (JDA WMS) or any other best of breed solution, there is a solution that several companies are using with JDA WMS that may work well in your facility called Auto02. The Auto02 solution works best by organizing case picks to allow pickers to build high-productivity, stable, high-cube, damage–free pallets during the picking process. This way you do not have to re-build pallets after they have been picked.

Once these stable, high-cube, damage-free pallets have been built to maximize the available trailer space, the next step is to optimize the loading sequence to balance out the trailer correctly. Your loaders will receive instructions via RF, Voice or paper load sheet to allow them to properly position each pallet in the truck and in what orientation. Customers using JDA WMS with AutoO2 do a better job of filling up the truck, often cutting transportation costs by 4-8%. Further, the provider of this software guarantees the savings the solution will provide.

Who is Using Auto02?

More than a decade ago, The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G), Cincinnati, recognized that it needed a way to address axle weight management, overweight accessorial charges and delivery delays that stemmed from sub-optimal trailer loading. Using an early version of the AutoO2 load planning tool, P&G experienced increased productivity, elimination of overweight loading, reduced product damage and improved customer service. The tool is now available to other companies through Transportation | Warehouse Optimization. Click here for the full P&G case study.

If you would like to learn more about the solution that P&G has named its Global Best Practice for case picking and truck loading, contact Open Sky Group to begin a detailed discussion of how your business can save costs with the AutoO2 load planning tool.