First phase of supply chain software improvements complete; new JDA Warehouse Management solution handled full volume within a day of Go-Live


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Open Sky Group performed a rapid upgrade to the newest version of JDA Warehouse Management for Matson Logistics, the first phase in a series of supply chain software improvements. The software upgrade was seamless to Matson Logistics’ customers and the new warehouse management system was managing the operation’s full volume within 24 hours of go-live.

Matson Logistics, a 3PL and client of both Open Sky Group and JDA for a decade, upgraded from a highly modified version of JDA (formerly RedPrairie) Warehouse Management to JDA Warehouse Management 9.x. In its 1.1 million square foot logistics campus in Savannah, GA, Matson Logistics serves retailers, both international and domestic, by managing more than 27,000 SKUs and sub-SKUs. It also provides value-added packaging, kitting, and e-commerce and retail order processing. Moving to a new technology platform was a critical driver for this first phase, as was creating an easy path forward for future upgrades.

“Although this was technology-driven, a truly compelling aspect of this upgrade was Open Sky Group’s approach—rapid implementation and a strong commitment to no modifications. Open Sky Group worked with us to redefine our processes so we could take advantage of the functionality in the newest WMS. This takes a ton of the risk and stress out of future upgrades, both for us and our customers,” says Dan Wadley, VP of Warehousing and Risk Management for Matson Logistics. “Since the go-live date, we’ve handled peak processing volumes during a quarter-end, which are typically our busiest periods throughout the year. Being able to utilize some of the newer JDA Warehouse Management functionality enabled us to finish ahead of schedule and without issues.”

“When a client (like Matson Logistics) is willing to take a fresh look at processes, rapid upgrades and results are possible. Another contributing factor to speed here was the minimal on-floor training required as the interfaces from the old version to new did not change greatly,” says Jason Yantiss, VP of Client Services for Open Sky Group. “We’re looking forward to the next phases where we’ll focus on JDA Warehouse Labor Management implementation for several Matson Logistics sites.

A subsidiary of Matson, Inc., Matson Logistics helps companies source, store, and deliver their products faster, better, at lower cost, and more reliably. Our services and technology are customized to drive efficiencies in—and costs out—of supply chains for retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. Our integrated services include rail intermodal, highway transportation, warehousing, less-than-container load freight consolidation, and forwarding to Alaska.