Labor Management Software myths, the first three, were covered in Part One. Here are the remaining four you’ll want to dispel:

JDA WLM only works with JDA WMS

False, false, false. This is probably one of the largest labor management software myths in the industry. Oftentimes vendors who make multiple products create them so that they can be used as a unit or individually. We’ve implemented JDA WLM with a number of different warehouse management systems (WMS).  JDA WLM is built to easily integrate to a number of WMS products. As a gold implementation partner and reseller of JDA WLM , WFM, TMS and WMS, Open Sky Group helps customers get JDA WLM installed, configured and integrated to whatever WMS a customer is currently using.

JDA WLM doesn’t require any maintenance

Not true. There is some maintenance necessary for any productivity management system, such as JDA WLM or other labor management software. For example, some maintenance may need to be done if changes are made to your WMS or to your processes. There are a number of reports and dashboards in JDA WLM that can make this maintenance easy to track and perform. Companies like Open Sky Group can help identify issues with maintenance and keep your labor management software running, or get you back on track if something has happened.

Labor Management will fix everything in my operation

Labor management software is first and foremost a reporting tool and there is still a utilization component associated with it. Companies like Open Sky Group can help determine how this product is utilized in your operations and show you how reporting can be used more effectively to increase productivity.

Labor Management Software won’t work in an operation my size

From operations measuring six employees to 600 employees and building sizes from 100,000 square feet to two million square feet, JDA WLM can help improve performance and productivity of your workforce, as well as allow you to accept more business with your current workforce.

Don’t let labor management software myths and misconceptions like these stall your selection or implementation. If you lack the in-house expertise or skills, find a partner that has experience in both operations and your chosen software who can help you get the most from your JDA WLM, like Open Sky Group. Contact us today.