Kitting / Pre-Assembly

Back when I first heard the term Work Order, it made me think of someone coming to repair an appliance in my home. Now that I’ve worked in the supply chain for some time, I take for granted that a Work Order is basically an authorization to start work on an activity. JDA Warehouse Management software (formerly known as RedPrairie) uses Work Orders for assembly and disassembly production, sometimes called Kitting or Pre-Assembly. Grouping varied items into one item is the act of Kitting. A Work Order calls all the components necessary to complete the new item (kit) to a production line area for completion.

The Kitting Struggle

Many kitting operations use inventory adjustments to remove components and add completed items into inventory, which can easily be miss-keyed. Kitting tracking is often paper-based which does not provide clear visibility or the status of the work order in real-time and can be time-consuming, especially when frequent trips to a terminal to update information are required.

Why struggle? Using work orders for kitting/assembly with JDA Warehouse Management 9.x and newer will make your life easier and reduce costs.

Experience costs savings when you use Work Orders through:

  • Adapting and updating items with specialty packing and labeling
  • Assembly upon demand
  • Using interchangeable component stock to assemble completed items

JDA Warehouse Management 9.x and newer Makes Kitting Easier

Whether you are adding labels to an existing item or kitting from scratch, JDA Warehouse Management 9.x and newer makes the process simple and consistent. The Web User Interface provides an enhanced view of all Work Order activities, including picking, delivery and consumption. Real time activity is display in each production line allowing clear management of the process. Color-enhanced progress bars provide a quick view, making management of the production team simple; you can easily see what has been delivered to the production line and how much assembly has been completed.  JDA Warehouse Management Work Orders complete the inventory changes upon receipt of the newly created item. To top it off, this web UI is mobile!  That’s right, MOBILE. This reduces costs even more by eliminating the need for terminals in the production area; opt for less-expensive tablets. No more trips to the terminal to update work orders – simply grab your tablet and work right in the production line area!

Want to make kitting easier for your operations with JDA Warehouse Management? Contact Open Sky Group today to get started.