Is Your WMS a Dinosaur?

JDA WMS Upgrade Is Your WMS a Dinosaur

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What if you could have a rapid and successful JDA WMS Upgrade?

Are you avoiding an upgrade because you think it will take too long and be too disruptive?

Odds are if your JDA WMS (formerly RedPrairie) is more than five years old, your operations and IT are working around it, not with it, making the extra pressures of today’s distribution environments even more difficult. Companies including Makita USAClemens Food Group and Matson Logistics have chosen to upgrade to the newest versions of JDA WMS and WLM with Open Sky Group because:

  • there are faster upgrades available with Open Sky Group
  • of the many advantages of the newest versions of JDA WMS and WLM
  • of the challenges with old, outdated hardware
  • they’ve had large changes to business

How can Open Sky Group upgrade JDA WMS and WLM quickly?

Open Sky Group uses a disciplined, agile methodology that takes you through the upgrade process much more quickly and at a lower cost than your original implementation of JDA RedPrairie WMS. Our approach keeps modifications in perspective; we make it our business to know the software thoroughly and understand how to help you get the most from it without modification. This makes your future upgrade path even smoother and less expensive, too.

Our methodology and approach are designed to make your JDA WMS Upgrade rapid so you can start seeing the benefits of your new system faster.

What is great about the newest versions of JDA WMS and WLM?

Here are just a few of the benefits of upgrading to the newest versions:

  • Mobile Platform – Offers the ability to replace terminals with tablets, allowing supervisors to be in the action instead of at a desk and there’s the potential to replace expensive RF devices with tablets
  • Simplified configuration – The basic functionality comes with configurable options which brings time and cost-savings through a reduced need for technical resources, considerably less coding and background technical configurations needed and the ability to adapt to changes in business without major programming costs.
  • Web Interface – Offers a simplified Menu Structure with all functions needed for each area (Receiving, Outbound, Shipping, Packing, etc.) which reduces the need for specialized menus, roles, etc. and requires less overall set up time for users.  There are also things like hyperlinks for moving through various functionality in an intuitive fashion which greatly reduces onboarding and training time.

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