JDA WMS Support – How does it Influence a WMS Implementation?

JDA WMS Support

JDA WMS Support

Through many years of software implementations, we’ve learned that while we strive for perfection, we must always be prepared for the surprises of imperfection. This surprise might be a change in scope, a shift in schedule, a software bug – or something else altogether. Our goal is to be prepared to adjust and resolve these surprises to minimize the effect on the overall project. One of the fundamental pieces of our success with the newest versions of JDA Warehouse Management and Warehouse Labor Management (9.1 and 2017.1), has been the engagement of the JDA support team throughout the implementations, not just at the end. Our direct connection and dialogue with the JDA WMS support team are one of the many advantages of Open Sky Group’s partnership with JDA; that engagement has directly contributed to our success in recent implementations.

JDA has made a concerted effort in recent years to improve their product support. Because we are an early adopter of the newest versions, Open Sky Group’s team and JDA WMS support begin a dialogue in the early weeks of projects. We, along with our clients, are provided a specific contact within JDA support to communicate all support needs throughout a project.

We establish routine communication with our identified support resource and begin to work as a team with one goal in mind; a successful, rapid and results-oriented implementation.

With this line of communication open and available, JDA Support is able to understand the priorities and challenges of the project, allowing for a much quicker resolution to identified issues and needs.

Any software implementation project can encounter an issue or bug. Because a robust solution like JDA Warehouse and Labor Management may utilize a combination of many configurations; that sometimes produces an unexpected result. When we encounter this type of a surprise during an implementation, Open Sky Group’s team is the first line of defense. Our combination of experienced operational and technical resources does everything they can to identify what configurations may resolve the issue. For example, during a recent Open Sky Group, multi-site WMS implementation, our client was using a very advanced and rare label format. While testing, the project team discovered that in a unique scenario, the barcode wasn’t parsing as expected. JDA support was contacted for guidance. Within a day, they had dedicated resources investigating an issue and a fix was provided within a week to facilitate our mock go-live. In some cases, our team identifies a possible fix required in the software. If and when this opportunity is discovered, we engage JDA support. In recent projects, JDA Support has identified resources to help AND has quickly put them in contact with our project team for faster and more thorough resolution.

Both Open Sky Group and JDA understand that implementation projects are only successful when the software can fulfill clients’ needs. We do absolutely everything to ensure our projects are successful; JDA WMS Support plays an important role in that success.

Open Sky Group has the resources and approach to make your WMS implementation success a reality; a major reason for our track record with the newest versions of JDA Warehouse and Labor Management 9.1 and 2017.1. Contact us today to discover more about the benefits we bring to your WMS upgrade or implementation as a gold reseller in the new JDA Partner Advantage program.