JDA WMS Special Interest Group Accomplishments and Goals


In the final section of this four-part series, leaders Sandi Wozniak and Troy Snelson gave us their take on the JDA WMS Special Interest Group accomplishments to-date and goals for 2017.

What are some of the JDA WMS Special Interest Group accomplishments to-date?

(Wozniak): The two key accomplishments that I’ve seen are usability feedback and increased engagement:

  • ­The WMS SIG was instrumental in providing usability feedback around the web screens of the newest versions. This was a large part of the success and ease of adoption that we’re seeing in the newest versions of the WMS software.
  • Lesley really got the ball rolling in terms of increasing engagement and Troy has been terrific in continuing to focus on driving networking and collaboration. The Fall Summit, completely user- driven, got started by Amway in 2015 and is now in its third year. This unique face-to-face event has gained in popularity each year because it provides direct and tangible learnings around warehouse management; again, it’s completely user-driven. This is in addition to the in-person networking and collaboration that happens at JDA FOCUS; the relationships that are made at these meetings are invaluable.

(Snelson):  I hear about a lot of JDA WMS Special Interest Group accomplishments for individuals. I can relate a personal example. During the first Fall Summit, Atlanta Bonded was invited to share information and challenges. Our biggest obstacle was that our system would periodically grind to a slow crawl. It would take restarting the database to fix it, and we’d get a few hours of better functioning and then would need to reboot again. Troy Schenk at Dot Foods shared that they use a separate application to help troubleshoot. We explored it and found that it was a low-cost option that allowed us to pinpoint the challenges within the system. Not long after installing the new application, we were able to troubleshoot more effectively and found a fix that didn’t require rebooting the database three to four times per day. That’s a good thing.

We’ve also been able to bring an idea forward about a way to improve JDA Support. Typically, if you have a robust IT staff internally, it can be a little frustrating to have to always go through the basics with a support call (answering things like “is your computer on” types of questions). We’ve suggested the concept of a certified next tier support where companies who can run their own trace files, for example, would get straight to the heart of the matter with JDA support, saving time by skipping the basic troubleshooting questions.

Tell us about the goals for the JDA WMS SIG for 2017 and beyond.

(Wozniak): The SIG sets goals each year, such as increasing engagement, the number of people going to the SIG community page, joining the SIG in general and the amount of positive stories where customers are reaching out to one another for problem-solving and questions, both online and offline. Our goal in 2016 was to execute on a voting process for product improvements. Our goal in 2017 is to make progress toward bringing in one of those voted on features into the product and turning it into a development-ready feature.

(Snelson): I’m not as concerned about increasing the number of members, just increasing the involvement. The WMS SIG is the largest SIG group that JDA has currently. The JDA WMS product is widely used and there are a lot of people who sign up for membership. While those members might get the emails, they’re not really engaged in the WMS SIG. I’d really like to see further increases in involvement and engagement and the ability of the members to offer support to one another. We’ve got a great thing going and we’re focused on making it better and more valuable as we move forward.

Troy and Sandi welcome any further questions our readers might have. Feel free to contact them via the information below – or better yet, join the JDA WMS Special Interest Group and meet them in person!

Sandi Wozniak, Product Director – Product Management, JDA Software, 1.262.317.2843
Troy D. Snelson, General Manager, Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corporation, 678-322-3140 (Direct)

To join a JDA SIG, first register on the JDA Customer Support website.  Already have a support login? Go to the JDA Customer Support website and log in. Then:

  • Under Community; click “Join a Group.”
  • Under “Groups I can Join,” choose a SIG(s) and click ”Join” to become a member.
  • The status will change to “Pending.”
  • Registrations are typically approved within 72 hours. If you haven’t received a confirmation within 72 hours, please email SIG Registration.