JDA WMS Special Interest Group Meetings and Purpose


We sat down with Sandi Wozniak and Troy Snelson to talk about the JDA WMS SIG meetings and purpose. Here’s their take on what the group is all about and what the meetings are like.

How do you describe the JDA WMS SIG to others?

(Wozniak): The WMS SIG is a peer group of Logistics and IT professionals who happen to use the same software. One of the largest benefits to members is collaboration and networking which allows customers to innovate and solve their own problems, sometimes preventing the need for outside assistance. There’s nothing quite like talking to someone who’s in the trenches doing the same thing you’re doing; a lot of learning occurs. Another benefit is that members of the WMS SIG get input into the product roadmap as well as early notification of what is coming out in a new release. It’s also a great sounding board for product direction – our Product Development group at JDA, goes to the SIG first for usability feedback. It’s truly a collaborative community.

(Snelson): I’ll echo Sandi’s thoughts here as I definitely agree that one of the most powerful parts of the SIG is the collaboration and a group coalescing around a topic – innovating and driving the JDA technology and roadmap forward. We want the SIG to come together and agree on what the WMS of the future should support – and get a consensus behind this. Members of the group get to see the vision and bring to light the common problems that the software should be solving if it’s not already.

Another big benefit to being a SIG member is getting to be part of the support networking among the other members which helps everyone find solutions to challenges. Using the SIG as an avenue of support allows you to quickly skip past the fact-finding and get right to the problem. Typically, you can find someone with the same challenge as you who has likely approached it differently.
The SIG is also a great way to stay up-to-date on JDA Product information.

Tell us what a typical JDA WMS SIG meeting is like (by phone or in person).

(Wozniak): JDA WMS SIG meetings are quarterly and are web presentations of product updates, functionality highlights, demos of something new about the software (particularly with the new user interface), product roadmap updates, etc. We’ve started to ask members to give a brief profile of themselves and their company – we’re finding this helps increase a member’s network and engagement within the group. We’ll also discuss face-to-face events like JDA FOCUS or the Fall Summit and talk about what will happen there.

(Snelson): I can add that we almost always receive a product update in quarterly JDA WMS SIG meetings. Sandi generally presents what is about to or has just been released for standard products and then sometimes we’ll get information on peripheral products, like showing enhancements to voice or RF. Sometimes there will be a customer presentation for anyone who’s done something unique with the software and they share how it benefited their company.

With respect to the member highlight, we also ask everyone to include their software version and any other JDA applications that they’re running; it provides a chance for introductions at points in the year when there’s no networking face-to-face. Other than quarterly, we do sometimes have special calls if there’s something important.

From a face-to-face perspective, there are the meetings at JDA FOCUS (we generally have at least two or three) and then the Fall Summit. We follow a similar format to the quarterly calls and of course get the added benefit of some face-to-face networking time.

Now that we’re plugged into product development, we’ll be able to provide more and more product development guidance for additions to the standard product so that no one is doing customized code. The newest WMS versions have new enhancements with new tools; upgrading can still be a major chore for anyone who’s written customized code.

To join a JDA SIG, first, register on the JDA Customer Support website.  Already have a support login? Go to the JDA Customer Support website and log in. Then:

  • Under Community; click “Join a Group.”
  • Under “Groups I can Join,” choose a SIG(s) and click ”Join” to become a member.
  • The status will change to “Pending.”
  • Registrations are typically approved within 72 hours. If you haven’t received a confirmation within 72 hours, please email SIG Registration.