Ever thought about joining a JDA Special Interest Group (SIG), such as the JDA WMS SIG? We sat down with Sandi Wozniak and Troy Snelson to talk about the JDA WMS SIG. While it can be tough to find the time to get involved, here’s why you might want to consider finding some time to become an active part of the group. They had so much great stuff to share, we had to turn it into a 4 part series.

First a little background on Sandi and Troy:
Sandi Wozniak is Product Director – Product Management at JDA Software. She’s been with JDA for eight years and the JDA WMS SIG for three. Sandi’s background is in business analysis and training and each successive role at JDA brings her closer to the customer, which she loves. She truly enjoys having real impact on what goes into the product and being part of the visionary efforts of JDA Software.

Troy Snelson is General Manager for Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corp., a 3PL, warehouse provider focused on the southeastern United States. He’s been with Atlanta Bonded for 19 years and is currently General Manager of their public warehouse operations (eight facilities) which are food/temperature controlled to about 60 degrees. Confection is the largest segment. Troy’s daily job is managing all of the people and things for those eight facilities. He has been the JDA WMS SIG Chair since 2016.

How did you first get involved in the JDA WMS SIG?

(Wozniak): My WMS SIG involvement began in 2014 when I moved into Product Management at JDA Software. It’s been exciting to watch the WMS SIG grow over the past three years through the involvement of great WMS SIG Chairs like Lesley Klinger at Hershey’s and now Troy at Atlanta Bonded.

(Snelson): In 2012, Atlanta Bonded purchased JDA WMS (it was RedPrairie at the time) in the spring and installed version 2012.1 that summer. Our first customer went live on the new system that fall. Initially, it was an easy set up with only full pallet moves. It wasn’t until one of our largest customers, Hershey, decided to move back into a 400,000-sq. ft. warehouse with 40K pallets that we decided that all new accounts would be put into our new WMS. This decision required us to revisit processes and fully test all the ins and outs of the software. It was a hectic time and I learned a lot about JDA, their software and their support organization. It was all of these things as well as my strong relationship with Hershey and Hershey’s relationship with JDA that got me introduced to the WMS SIG via Lesley Klinger. In the spring of 2013, we joined and started attending meetings, developing relationships and getting ideas to help streamline our operations.

How did you get to the role you have now in the JDA WMS SIG?

(Wozniak): My role as the JDA liaison for the WMS SIG was part of my move into Product Management. It came with my new responsibilities there, however, even if it hadn’t it would have been something I volunteered to do because of the SIG’s incredible knowledge base of experienced users. Being closely connected to our customers is one of the best ways we can continue to improve JDA products.

(Snelson): Lesley stepped down as SIG chair in the spring of 2016 and asked me to serve as interim chair. After that, I was asked to formally become the WMS SIG chair. My involvement and relationships have grown significantly – we have been able to help our customers increase efficiency and use of JDA WMS and they’ve been able to help us.

To join a JDA SIG, first register on the JDA Customer Support website.  Already have a support login? Go to the JDA Customer Support website and log in. Then:

  • Under Community; click “Join a Group.”
  • Under “Groups I can Join,” choose a SIG(s) and click ”Join” to become a member.
  • The status will change to “Pending.”
  • Registrations are typically approved within 72 hours. If you haven’t received a confirmation within 72 hours, please email SIG Registration.