Ever thought about joining a JDA Special Interest Group (SIG), such as the JDA WMS SIG? We sat down with Sandi Wozniak and Troy Snelson, leaders of the group, to get their take on the JDA WMS SIG benefits to membership, whether you’re new to JDA WMS or not.

What are the JDA WMS SIG benefits if I’m new to WMS, vs. if I’m an experienced WMS User but haven’t been part of a SIG before?

(Wozniak): There’s something here for everyone. Someone new to WMS gets the benefits of the experience of all the existing members which can help them think about the WMS in a different way and to help them understand workarounds to avoid customizations. An experienced user would also benefit from connection to other experienced users and finding new, and innovative ideas to solve existing challenges, as well as validation for ways they’ve been operating. Both kinds of users, as well as everyone in between, receive the benefit of that insider connection to JDA (product info., detail around product announcements that goes beyond release notes, etc.).

(Snelson): My recommendation for anyone who’s new to the group, no matter what their experience level, would be to just participate in a call. Doing nothing more than listening will give you a good feel for how the group interacts. For me, every quarter brings a new level of interaction; it’s a growing sense of “we know each other.” It’s professional and comfortable; a great group that honestly and effectively shares information.

For seasoned WMS users in particular, they’ll get interaction with other very technical/seasoned users who have been through what they’ve been through, and who know boundaries and different ways to approach solutions.

Here’s another perspective; the JDA WMS SIG benefits can be money savings. If you’re looking for ways to manipulate software that doesn’t need custom coding, you can likely reach out to other users and find those who have similar challenges. Atlanta Bonded has taken a stance of not modifying code – we use other approaches to do what we need. The JDA WMS SIG is a huge (and free) knowledge base.

Another benefit I’ve seen is that that by being active in the WMS SIG, our relationship with JDA is stronger. We don’t get preferential treatment; I don’t mean that. We do have a more open, stronger relationship with JDA and that’s terrific.

To join a JDA SIG, first, register on the JDA Customer Support website.  Already have a support login? Go to the JDA Customer Support website and log in. Then:

  • Under Community; click “Join a Group.”
  • Under “Groups I can Join,” choose a SIG(s) and click ”Join” to become a member.
  • The status will change to “Pending.”
  • Registrations are typically approved within 72 hours. If you haven’t received a confirmation within 72 hours, please email SIG Registration.