JDA WLM – Opportunities Beyond Performance Scores (Part 3)

JDA WLM Seven Opportunities

JDA WLM tells you what your operation is doing and how well you’re doing it. Unfortunately, in too many operations, the use of the software ends often at just Performance Scores. Part One of this series covered Quality Management and Travel Distance and Part Two covered Indirect Valuation and Order Profile. Here are the final three in the series of opportunities to use your JDA WLM for more than just performance scores.

Floor Observations
In our experience, we have yet to find a better means of identifying operational improvements than spending time on the floor. Especially with process improvement, there is simply no replacement for watching something with your own eyes. There is also no better companion during an observation than comprehensive JDA WLM reporting.

  • Did you know that in most operations, JDA WLM reporting is updated within 5 minutes of the activity occurring on an RF? You can observe an employee performing a task incorrectly and within 5 minutes be able to identify that exact impact to performance level. With JDA WLM, you are able to automate the observation process to record the beginning and end time of an observation as well as user/observer feedback following an observation, all within the JDA WLM product.

There is nothing more frustrating than an operation performing at 100% and still not accomplishing their goals. As the Dallas Cowboys have shown us many times, it’s more than having the right talent, it’s also about having that talent in the right places. With JDA WLM planning, you can establish a plan for the expected amount of work and view real-time reporting to assure the right amount of resources are assigned to your demand. It is a lot to ask leaders within an operation to shift resources without the assistance of reporting. Now with JDA WLM, your planning can help steer those difficult and time sensitive choices in real-time.

Last but not least. There is no better way to fine tune your JDA WLM and all of the subjects we’ve covered in this series than the use of Dashboards. Picture yourself being able to access each of the subjects above at the click of a mouse. Reporting is necessary for deep dives into more extensive data. In the fast paced world of warehousing and supply chain, having key metrics available on one page at the click of a button, such as a dashboard, is exactly what’s needed to keep your operation running like a well-oiled machine.

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to see today’s work in a pie chart broken down by job?
  • Viewing quality errors on a line graph or bar chart to track improvements or spikes?
  • User performance at a glance – all on one page?
  • The ability to see ongoing work and a “need vs. have” diagram for assistance?

There are so many opportunities to use JDA WLM dashboards and we can guarantee there’s one for your operation.

So there you have it, and we’ve only scratched the surface. And the best part of the seven opportunities we’ve covered in this series? NO system modifications would be necessary to the base JDA WLM product. Only a few of the seven require customization and that’s for reporting only, tailored to your operation.

Interested in JDA WLM and what it can do for your operations? Or, do you already have it and have never taken it beyond just performance scores? Contact Open Sky today and learn how we can help you achieve new heights of supply chain efficiency with JDA WLM.