JDA WLM – Opportunities Beyond Performance Scores (Part 2)

JDA WLM Seven Opportunities

JDA WLM tells you what your operation is doing and how well you’re doing it. It’s a means of applying a standard or goal time to the work that is performed in a warehouse. This allows operations to provide performance scores to their employees, shifts and buildings. However, in too many operations, this is where the use of JDA Warehouse Labor Management software (formerly RedPrairie) ends. Part One of this series covered Quality Management and Travel Distance. Here are more of the seven opportunities to use your JDA WLM beyond just performance scores.

Indirect Valuation
It’s impossible to apply a goal time to everything in an operation. However, time spent on non-trackable tasks or tasks with high rates of inconsistencies can and should still be recorded. Many operations are doing this by logging these tasks using Indirect time. Indirect time is the time spent on tasks that are necessary for business, but not part of the standard productive job being performed, i.e., cleaning, meetings, battery changes and some value added services. In many cases, Indirect time can be logged by associates via their RF units with only a few key punches. These requests can then be placed in a queue for supervisor approval. Indirect requests can also be entered by supervisor personnel via the JDA GUI.

  • Have you recently evaluated the use of battery quick chargers in your operation but aren’t sure how much time your operation currently uses to change batteries? Your JDA WLM could be telling you how many overall hours you’re spending on a task (like battery changes) and also the length of each request. In many operations, we utilize these metrics to provide average minutes per use. For example, an average ICLEAN sign-on could be 10 minutes. If an operation spikes to an average of 20 minutes per week, further digging in to those requests might be needed to find where cleaning may have spiked and why.
  • How about those ‘extra’ customer requirements? What are they really costing your operation?

Now you can have reporting to really find out the true cost; there’s no limit to what can be tracked via Indirect within the JDA WLM. Some operations have tracked tasking hours, waving hours, etc., all via Indirect. You can’t improve something if you’re not measuring it.

Order Profile
Order profiles can have a major effect on productivity. We often hear, “We’re running late tonight because this is a (insert customer here) night.” Wouldn’t it be great to have order profile information in a comprehensive format? With some custom reporting and no base product changes, the JDA WLM can provide:

  • units per carton, cartons per pallet
  • cartons per stop/line
  • lines per pallet, etc.

With this reporting easily in hand, your operations can better analyze the effects of order profile and the effects of inevitable changes to those order profiles as supply chains become more diverse. Even with 100% performance score, this is yet another metric where you may find additional opportunities for improvement to overall throughput and the all-important bottom line.

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Interested in JDA WLM and what it can do for your operations? Or, do you already have it and have never installed or taken it beyond just performance scores? Contact Open Sky today and learn how we can help you achieve new heights of supply chain efficiency with JDA WLM.