JDA Warehouse Management 9.1 is Ready Now – Are You?

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Originally published August 9 of 2016, the first paragraph has been updated to reflect accurate client information as of January 2017.

JDA Warehouse Management 9.1
Open Sky Group has already implemented JDA Warehouse Management 9.1.x for 3 clients, the first one went live in August of 2016 (implementation time = 4 months). We’re also in the middle of 3 more JDA Warehouse Management 9.1 implementations, two of which are upgrades. We are an Authorized Reseller of JDA Warehouse Management 9.1. This means you can buy software licenses and have the software implemented – all through Open Sky Group.

  • If you are considering JDA Warehouse Management 9.1 as a new customer, contact Open Sky Group today to learn more about the software, our experience with JDA Warehouse Management 9.1 and how we can help you implement this latest version.
  • Here’s a video where you’ll see some screen shots and mobile use of the new version  – Warehousing Made Easy

If you are a current JDA customer with an older version of JDA RedPrairie WMS and you’re thinking of upgrading, here are some answers to questions you might have:

What Does Upgrading Mean?
Outside of meaning that you would get a newer version of the software you already have, upgrading doesn’t change your number of licenses unless you want to add more. An upgrade means you get the benefits of the latest version and believe it or not it could save you money and time.

Won’t Upgrading be a Nightmare?
It doesn’t have to be. We do an analysis of your current system and come back to you with an upgrade path and an estimate of time and costs to upgrade. Our agile-based methodology means that we streamline the upgrade process, saving you time and money.

What’s the Value of Upgrading?
Depending on what version you currently have, you might be running your JDA RedPrairie WMS on an older server that needs to be replaced. It’s likely that your current version won’t run on a newer server. That’s an issue; your IT department is likely well aware of the costs of continuing to use outdated equipment. Using newer technology for your WMS can likely open up your options for using other, newer technologies in your warehouse. And that’s just one benefit we’ve seen.

Why is Open Sky Group a good choice for implementing JDA Warehouse Management 9.1?
Not only have we already implemented the software for one client, we’re in the process of three more implementations. We use an agile-based methodology to streamline the process and small, flexible teams to implement the software.

Contact Open Sky Group today to learn how we can help you make your upgrade to JDA Warehouse Management 9.1 successful.