IT Department Spread too Thin?

IT Department Spread too Thin?

Seven signs it’s time to stop maintaining a legacy system and get something new.

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IT Department Spread Too Thin? It Could be Your Legacy System.

An IT department being spread too thin is a pinch many companies feel, and often that ties in directly to the systems the team must support. Supporting old technology is more time-consuming and more specialized. If you’re also concerned about hiring and retaining the best and brightest IT personnel, old technology can be a lot less inspiring to maintain than more modern systems that make use of things like machine learning or artificial intelligence, or the IoT.

A robust Warehouse Management System, like JDA WMS, can help you stay on top of today’s distribution challenges.  An experienced and highly responsive team with warehouse management systems implementation expertise, like Open Sky Group, can help you effectively and efficiently implement supply chain software.

Because we are a gold implementation partner and reseller of JDA Software, you can purchase software licenses for JDA Warehouse Management, Labor, and Transportation Management through us. We conduct software demonstrations and reference site visits, the same types of things you’d experience if you were working directly with any software vendor.

What is great about JDA Warehouse Management?

The newest versions of JDA WMS are mobile – that puts you and your supervisors on the floor with employees with real-time information at your fingertips. Role-based dashboards make it easy for everyone to see the data they need to get the job done.

Some JDA customers who have implemented WMS report:

  • up to 50% reduction in dock-to-stock time
  • 99.8% or better inventory visibility and accuracy
  • 25% or more reduction in fulfillment costs
  • 10 to 35% reduction in inventory storage and handling costs

Why is a shorter Warehouse Management System implementation timeframe important?

Keeping the WMS implementation time shorter means your costs are lower. Our methodology and approach are designed to make your JDA WMS implementation rapid (less than six months) so you can start seeing the benefits of your new system faster.

Contact Open Sky Group today and get JDA Warehouse Management System implementation expertise working for you.