How important is go-live prep to a successful implementation? You’ve invested so much time and effort up to the point of go-live, it would certainly be a shame to have that be affected by some missed details.  Jeremy Hudson from Open Sky Group and Sarah Barnes-Humphrey from Let’s Talk Supply Chain discuss go-live preparation in this final episode.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this go-live prep podcast:

  • What are the most important elements in software go-live prep?
  • How does a good software partner help you?

Don’t have time to listen to the whole go-live prep podcast? Here are some highlights:

  • Go-live checklist and roles (2:39)
  • What to expect from your software partner (4:28)
  • Monitoring and establishing KPIs (5:21)
  • Importance of a smooth upgrade path (7:31)

Prefer to watch the video or read the transcript? Watch Now or Download the transcript – Open Sky Group and Let’s Talk Supply Chain Discuss Go-Live Preparation.

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