Winning With WMS & Labor


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Are You Winning With Your WMS & Labor Solutions?

Managing your warehouse and labor systems has become progressively more difficult. COVID has driven demand and costs through the roof while supply and labor are hard to come by. To make matters worse, how do you accommodate these mounting pressures with a perishable product? The food and beverage industry, more than any other, has had to be nimble. Below are just a few questions we answer in our white paper, “Three Ways Your Competitors Are Winning With WMS & Labor.”

  • How do you balance just-in-time inventory practices with just-in-case inventories under prolonged pandemic-induced conditions?
  • With some workers not returning to work and others contracting new strains of the COVID virus, how do you maintain a labor force and secure qualified drivers?
  • How can you avoid waste, ensure the freshest inventory and remain competitive while everyone up and down the supply chain is shopping for the best price?

The Proof Is in the Numbers

Based on Blue Yonder’s findings in the Grocery sector, with an updated WMS and/or LMS here are the benefits you can likely expect to see in your supply chain.

  • Fill-Rate Improvement (2% -3%)
  • Reduced Avg Unit Cost (5% -10%)
  • Reduced Freight Cost (10% -15%)
  • Reduced labor Spend (15% -20%)

What can you do to resolve these issues?

With active clients in the dairy, snack food, produce, and fast-food categories, Open Sky Group understands what it takes to make your F&B supply chain better. Today’s WMS & Labor solutions by Blue Yonder can make a difference in improving your business.

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