5 Benefits of an Early Adopter System Integrator

Early Adopter Systems Integrator

Early Adopter System Integrator

As an early adopter system integrator for the newest versions of JDA Warehouse and Labor Management software, Open Sky Group brings many benefits to clients. We implemented the first North American instance of JDA Warehouse Management 9.1.x in 2016 and have since upgraded and implemented those versions many times. We’ve also brought up 17 warehouses to-date on JDA 2017.1.

A Little History

While Open Sky Group has been implementing JDA RedPrairie software for clients since 2006, it wasn’t until 2014 that we became a reseller of the software. With that capability, we made a commitment to ourselves and our clients to always be an early adopter of the newest versions. When JDA made a giant push forward to its mobile, role-based interface, Open Sky Group was ready to learn and adapt so that clients could have firsthand knowledge of what was available.

Why does this matter?

We’ve been on the leading edge of every new JDA version since 2015. We helped to beta test 9.x. As the first implementation of JDA WMS 9.1.x in North America, we were down in the trenches for all the ins and outs that implementing new software versions can bring. It strengthened our relationship with JDA and we developed a protocol for involving JDA WMS support during implementations so that significant fixes could be put into subsequent releases and eliminate issues.  With JDA’s commitment to producing quality software and Open Sky Group’s mindset of holding software vendors accountable for producing quality software, together we continue to make each release better than the last.

How do clients benefit from an Early Adopter System Integrator?

We have such deep knowledge of the older versions of RedPrairie – combine that with being early adopter system integrator and here’s what our clients get:

  • Experienced implementation teams that understand exactly where you are, where you can go and most importantly, how to get you there rapidly so that you can begin reaping benefits sooner. Open Sky Group has implemented JDA 9.1.x for many clients and version 2017.x for 17 warehouses and counting. That’s a lot of experience working for you.
  • Strong relationship with JDA Software – We work with JDA very closely on all of our implementations so that we can get challenges resolved quickly.
  • Early knowledge of software capabilities – Not only are we implementing the newest versions, we’re also generally involved in testing some or many aspects of these new versions before they’re released. That gives us a taste of what the software can and will do before implementations.
  • Upgrade expertise – We understand that there are many companies still on older versions that may be heavily customized and the worry/challenges connected with upgrading. We can help guide your upgrade to successful completion, ensuring that you do not lose the functionality you need to make your business run smoothly. Here’s one of our newest upgrade projects for Matson.
  • One source for everything you need in a WMS Implementation. We are a gold partner of JDA and a reseller of JDA WMS, Labor and TMS. This means you can buy software licenses and have the software implemented – all through Open Sky Group.

If you are considering JDA Warehouse Management, contact Open Sky Group today to learn more about the newest versions and our experience with them.

If you are a current JDA customer with an older version of JDA RedPrairie and you’re thinking of upgrading, here are some answers to questions you might have:

What Does Upgrading Mean?

Outside of gaining all the benefits of the mobile, web-based interface of the newer versions, upgrading doesn’t change your number of licenses unless you want to add more.  You might actually need fewer users, given the productivity gains we and our clients have seen with the newest versions.

Won’t Upgrading be a Nightmare?

It doesn’t have to be. We do an analysis of your current system and come back to you with an upgrade path and an estimate of time and costs to upgrade. Our methodology of disciplined agility means that we streamline the upgrade process, saving you time and money.

What’s the Value of Upgrading?

A lot of the value depends on what’s important to your organization. Lately, we’ve seen a lot of WMS upgrades driven by outdated technology and the high costs of supporting customizations.  Your IT department is likely well aware of the costs of continuing to use outdated equipment. Further, using newer technology for your WMS can likely open up your options for using other, newer technologies in your warehouse.  Open Sky Group is very good at helping our clients avoid modifications because of our deep understanding of how to properly use and configure the software.

Contact Open Sky Group today to learn how we can help you make your upgrade to the newest versions of JDA software successful.