Culture can positively impact WMS implementations. Learn how on “Let’s Talk Supply Chain” Featuring Open Sky Group CEO, Curt Sardeson!

Grab your favorite beverage and spend some time with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey as she talks with our CEO, Curt Sardeson, on Let’s Talk Supply Chain! Take in our journey and learn how company culture is the backbone of our success. It guides every aspect of our company and helps us thrive as we strive to be the best supply chain software consulting company on the planet.

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Open Sky Group’s Core Mission: 6:05

Open Sky Group’s Story: 6:43

The Role of Data in Supply Chain: 11:30

What Open Sky Group is Doing with Culture: 13:58

What Sets Open Sky Group Apart: 17:00

How Open Sky Group has Helped Customers: 20:00

Using the Agile Method: 23:38

No Modifications for WMS: 26:16

At What Point in the Tech Journey Should You Call Open Sky Group: 29:55

What the Future Looks Like for Open Sky Group: 32:45

How Culture has Contributed to Open Sky Group Success

Culture is the backbone of our success, built on the seven core values created by and for our employees. These core values are: mastery, candor, creativity, fun, autonomy, attitude and caring. These values guide us through every aspect of our business and are an intricate part of our company’s culture.

With the culture our core values have helped build, we never settle. We continually raise the bar to help ourselves grow and acquire new skills in an ever-evolving industry. That is why we take great pride in the work we do every day. Sometimes, that work gets nominated for awards. While we get a lot of joy just from our clients’ successes, in the words of our CEO, “winning is fun!” It is fun to be acknowledged for a job well done by employees, clients, partners and others within the industry. Below are just a few of the awards that we have won:

  • JDA Top Selling Partner of the Year
  • Gartner – Specialty Consulting Firm
  • JDA Real Results Best Partner Project
  • Top 100 Supply Chain Partners
  • Inc. 5000