Change Management Podcast – What Leaders Need to Know

Change Management Podcast

When thinking about a big software implementation, do you feel a sense of dread or anxiety? Let us help you say good-bye to feeling like that and hello to potentially looking forward to it. Listen as Let’s Talk Supply Chain’s Sarah Barnes-Humphrey and Open Sky Group’s Jeremy Hudson talk about what you need to know with change management and why it’s a critical piece of any implementation, particularly when it comes to WMS, Labor or TMS software.

In this change management podcast, here’s what leaders will learn:

  • What do we mean by change management?
  • The importance of change management throughout an implementation
  • Why leadership needs to embrace it
  • The benefits it can have on your implementation

Don’t have time to listen to the whole change management podcast? Here are some highlights:

  • Open Sky Group’s paradigm shift (2:17)
  • Change management done right (3:21)
  • Open Sky Group’s advice to leaders (4:36)
  • Top three focus areas for leaders (5:48)

Prefer to watch the video or read the transcript? Watch now or download the Transcript – Open Sky Group and Let’s Talk Supply Chain Discuss Change Management

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