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Why the name change to Blue Yonder from JDA Software?

While it’s a name and perception change in the market for JDA, the new name also stands for a renewed effort in helping companies achieve supply chain transformation through a single supply chain platform.

You may remember that JDA acquired a company in 2018 named Blue Yonder. It was the market leader in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for retail and supply chain. With Blue Yonder a part of JDA, customers across vertical industries were going to be able to leverage a first-of-its-kind supply chain solution with AI/ML intelligence built-in. This would enable companies to better plan, analyze, execute and deliver across their operations on a cognitive, connected platform.

When JDA decided that the time had come to change their perception in the market, they chose the name Blue Yonder to help illustrate their belief that the future is autonomous. They want to help clients anticipate what will happen in their supply chains and offer the best possible solution to deal with those situations. The company’s goal is to have the best scalable, repeatable, artificial intelligence (AI) in the industry.

The Evolution

The acquisition with RedPrairie in 2012 positioned JDA Software (now Blue Yonder) as a leader in global supply chain management, offering a broad portfolio of integrated planning and execution solutions and services to help global firms manage their supply chains – from raw materials to finished products and into the hands of consumers – through any channel. RedPrairie had originally been McHugh Freeman and over time had acquired brands such as i2 and Manugistics and of course Blue Yonder. All of these great products across many areas of the supply chain have helped form what is now Blue Yonder and a single supply chain platform.

What does the name change have to do with Open Sky Group?

As a gold implementation partner and reseller of the Blue Yonder (BY) supply chain platform, we work collaboratively with BY to help clients get the most from their software investment. We implement and upgrade Warehouse, Labor, and Transportation Management software. Open Sky Group’s methodology of disciplined agility and no modifications approach means our clients experience rapid implementations and upgrades which translates to:

  • Reduced upgrade/implementation timeline,
  • Manageable and controllable upgrade/implementation costs,
  • Less risk and lower total cost of ownership.

Open Sky Group has been a partner of Blue Yonder (JDA) since 2013 not long after the acquisition of JDA by RedPrairie (the JDA name prevailed). We evolved from just an implementation partner into a gold implementation partner and reseller and we’ve been named Top Channel Partner North America every year since 2016.

Experienced, responsive software implementation and upgrade experts

With your supply chain, you need to be able to adapt quickly to change and still meet all the “rights” (time, location, product, quality).

A robust supply chain platform can help you stay on top of today’s distribution challenges. A top-notch team with implementation and upgrade expertise, like Open Sky Group, can help you effectively and efficiently implement Blue Yonder’s supply chain platform.

Because we are a gold implementation partner and reseller of Blue Yonder, you can purchase software licenses for Warehouse Management, Labor, and Transportation Management through Open Sky Group. We provide software demonstrations and reference site visits, the same kinds of things you’d expect if you were working directly with the software vendor. We then implement or upgrade your chosen software with your team. Through the process, we place a strong emphasis on testing and conducting mock go-lives, two crucial pieces that ensure a smoother deployment. We use our methodology of disciplined agility and no modifications approach that shortens your implementation time, ensuring you get the maximum value from your investment, as quickly as possible.

Why is a shorter implementation or upgrade time frame important?

Reducing the time to implement or upgrade your software means your costs are lower. Open Sky Group’s methodology and approach are designed to make your Blue Yonder implementation rapid (less than six months) so you can start seeing the benefits of your new system faster.

Get our supply chain software implementation and upgrade expertise working for you today.

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