Yard Management – Are you Flying Blind?

Yard Management- Are you flying blind? Flying blind, a commonly heard expression that literally means to fly an airplane without the ability to see, relying on the plane’s instruments instead. By extension, it generally means doing something based on guesswork without help or instruction. A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is much like a pilot’s instrument

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Flying Blind with Yard Management and JDA WMS

Kitting and Work Orders and Labels – Oh My!

By Susan Estes,

Back when I first heard the term Work Order, it made me think of someone coming to repair an appliance in my home. Now that I’ve worked in the supply chain for some time, I take for granted that a Work Order is basically an authorization to start work on an activity. JDA Warehouse Management software (formerly known as RedPrairie) uses Work Orders for assembly and disassembly production, sometimes called Kitting…