Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partner

For the seventh time, Open Sky Group has been named to the Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partners listing, which is customer nominated and based on qualities such as global reach, value, expertise, reliability and more.

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The Upside of Software Upgrades – Modern Materials Handling

By Darcy Reeves,

Roberto Michel interviews Jason Yantiss, Open Sky Group, and other industry experts about WMS and other software in “The Upside of Upgrades.” Here’s an excerpt from the article, publishing June 18, 2019 on both Modern Materials Handling and Logistics Management:

JDA ICON Think Big

JDA ICON 2019 Recap

By Darcy Reeves,

JDA ICON 2019 Recap – Whether or not you were able to attend JDA ICON and DEVCON 2019, this recap offers up some ideas to spark internal discussions for your team.