Workforce Management Solutions – 5 things you need to know

In general, workforce management solutions are software that helps in managing a workforce with features ranging from forecasting and budgeting to long-range staffing and employee engagement. Some specialize in the type of workforce each manages such as call centers, service and field management and retail store environments. Today, we’re talking about workforce management software as applied to the warehouse.

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labor management software myths

The Seven Myths of Labor Management Software (Part 2)

By Jeremy Hudson,

It’s important for users to have confidence in the systems that are monitoring their performance. Be sure to pick a system with a good reputation, like JDA Warehouse Labor Management (JDA WLM) and be sure to dispel these seven myths of labor management software.

Labor Management Future

Labor Management of the Future

By Jeremy Hudson,

There is substantially more logic and capability in today’s software than there was 15 years ago, but what’s next on the horizon?