Attitude – First Core Value

At Open Sky Group, we say that we can teach you all the skills needed to do your job and be successful. We can even share our experiences with you to pass on our hard-earned lessons and wisdom. The one thing we can never teach anyone is a positive attitude.

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Attitude Core Value at Open Sky Group
Core Values

Core Values – A note from Open Sky Group CEO


At Open Sky Group we take core values seriously because they truly resonate with our corporate culture. Our people routinely embrace these values and often those values come up during discussions to help guide us to a resolution. This likely has something to do with the way we created them.

WMS Systems Integration projects

WMS Systems Integration – Keys to Success (Part 2)


WMS systems integration projects can be where a WMS Implementation experiences delays. As there is at least one integration with every WMS Implementation, it’s important to plan carefully and make sure you’ve got team members with integration experience.