Candor – The Fourth Core Value

We define this core value of Candor as “frankness, not afraid to ask questions respectfully and the ability to hold others accountable.” None of our other core values (Attitude, Autonomy, Creativity, Caring, Mastery and Fun) could work as well without a healthy dose of candor from time to time.

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Candor Open Sky Group Core Value
Caring Open Sky Group core value

Caring – The Third Core Value


Caring. We define this core value as “Eager to help others, attention to detail, consistency, protecting the brand, willing to take ownership of issues.” In the very early days of Open Sky Group when I was on the road consulting, one of my favorite customers once told me…

Autonomy Core Value at Open Sky Group

Autonomy – The Second Core Value


Our next core value is autonomy. We define this core value as “little to no management required, intuitively prioritizes, holds self-accountable.” There is a very practical reason we value autonomy at Open Sky Group as well as some nice side effects of having this in our core values.