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Warehouse management

Are your software systems holding you back?
Are you struggling to keep up with the pace of change in your operations?
Open Sky Group can help you rethink your warehouse management (WMS) with our deep experience in Blue Yonder WMS and the approach we’ve pioneered to implementations and upgrades.

What can Blue Yonder WMS do for you?

Companies who use Blue Yonder WMS report substantial ROI: 

  • Fulfillment cost reductions of 10-50% 
  • Throughput increases of 10-40% 
  • Inventory reductions of 5-25%
  • Credit reductions of 75-95% 
  • Dock-to-stock time reductions of 25-50% 
  • Receiving dwell-time reductions of 25-50% 
  • Inventory visibility and accuracy of nearly 100% 
  • Inventory storage and handling cost reductions of 10-35% 

Why Open Sky Group and Blue Yonder WMS?

Open Sky Group is one of the first WMS-accredited implementation partners and resellers of Blue Yonder WMS.

We specialize in upgrades, implementation, and integration of Blue Yonder WMS software.  No matter what size company or complexity of operations, Open Sky Group can help you understand if the robust and flexible Blue Yonder WMS is right for you.

Open Sky Group can help you get a handle on costs to purchase and implement Blue Yonder WMS. If it’s right for you, then you can purchase software licenses and support for Blue Yonder Warehouse Management directly from Open Sky Group. It’s the same WMS that is available from Blue Yonder.

Are You Fulfilling Your Warehouse Potential?

Whether you are a warehouse manager or supply chain executive, Open Sky Group can help you reap the benefits of Blue Yonder warehouse management (WMS).

Are You a Warehouse Manager? With Blue Yonder WMS, You Can:

  • Maximize visibility and control with improved management of your inventory, quality, date/lot and assets.
  • Optimize your customer service with the ability to support multiple pick methods which will give you travel time reductions and pick efficiencies.
  • Utilize cross-docking to identify opportunities and critical loads with your priority inventory.

Are You a Supply Chain Executive? With Blue Yonder WMS, You Can:

  • Improve inbound and outbound processing through shipment visibility that helps you ensure timeliness, accuracy, compliance and efficiency
  • Optimize your operational efficiency through digitization of your warehouses and distribution centers, ensuring efficiency, compliance, accuracy, and service.
  • Streamline processes with your capability of managing all aspects of your yards from gate check in and out to yard and dock location assignments, all from wireless devices.

Get More Information on Blue Yonder WMS (solutions sheet)

The sky’s not the limit. Discover how Open Sky Group can help you reimagine your warehouse management. Contact us today to get started.


What happened to JDA Software and RedPrairie?

In 2018, Blue Yonder, a leading artificial intelligence solutions company, was acquired by JDA Software. In 2020, JDA Software re-branded as Blue Yonder, renewing its efforts to help companies with their supply chain transformations in a single supply chain platform. This transition supports Blue Yonder’s belief that the future is autonomous and allows companies to plan better, analyze, execute and deliver across their operations on a connected and cognitive platform.

Today, Blue Yonder still has some of the DNA of the companies that formed its foundations including some names you might recognize: JDA Software, RedPrairie, i2, Manugistics, Think Systems, OptiMax, ITLS, Aspect, and Smart Technologies, and more.

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